Thursday, 24 December 2009

At last!

I finally got round to making my Christmas puddings...yesterday!!! I usually make them towards the end of October but this year I just couldn't seem to get motivated *sigh* Still, better late than never.

These are all the yummy ingredients. I had to make one or two teensy little variations this year ~ I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the family won't be too outraged! My puddings seem to have become something of a Christmas tradition over the years, and I always use the same recipe ~ except for this year LOL

This is what you get when all those yummy ingredients have been combined. I don't have a mixing bowl which is large enough to handle everything so I use my preserving pan instead!

Here is the mixture in the pudding basins, all ready to be steamed for hours on end LOL The biggest one is for Christmas lunch tomorrow, at my sister's house, and the smallest pudding is for mother-in-law :-) One of the two remaining puddings will be saved for Easter (a family tradition in our house) and I have one spare, although I expect someone will want it!

I do wish you could all share the divine aroma currently wafting through the house! The puddings smell gorgeous whilst they are steaming ~ it really does smell like Christmas here. I've got the largest pudding on the go at the moment ~ seven hours altogether! ~ and once it's finished and cooled down I'll take a photo before I wrap it up in fresh paper ready to take to Amanda's house tomorrow, and post the recipe in case anyone would like to try it out for next Christmas :-)

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