Thursday, 31 December 2009

Early spring cleaning!

I girded my loins and set to with some much needed spring cleaning in our dining room! It's taken me a good FOUR days to get this far as I have to take regular breaks to rest my back. The dining table is still piled high with "stuff"!

I shall be glad when we can move the computer and all its associated paraphanalia out into the hall, as it takes up rather a lot of space in this corner of the dining room. I was so fed up with all the computer "stuff" on the shelf; it looked terribly messy and attracted so much dust! I was really pleased that I was able to get it all stored away in these hat boxes and box files :-)

The aloe vera is an offshoot of my original plant, which I am rather ashamed to say is still outside ~ albeit in my little growhouse! The mother plant has gone absolutely wild, and is now way too big for her original pot. I really don't think I shall be able to re-pot all the offshoots as there as so many of them!

This little bureau belonged to my parents for a good number of years ~ Mum must have got it in the late sixties/early seventies I guess. It's quite handy but alas not what you would describle as particularly attractive. One of these days I shall get round to doing something with it to make it prettier.

I've got an assortment of books on these shelves ~ mostly gardening, frugal/green living, women's health, etc. The books in the basket on the dining chair are what I currently have for sale in my Amazon Marketplace Store.

The sideboard is on the other side of the dining room, opposite the bureau. At the moment, we have a hatch into the kitchen but eventually we will be rearranging all this and re-opening the doorway instead.

This very handy vintage kitchen cabinet lives beside the sideboard ~ I bought it from Vintage Lifestyle a few years ago. I keep my sewing basket in the bottom cupboard, along with a whole load of tapestry, cross stitch, etc, kits waiting to be completed! The drawers and little drop-down section above the cupboard are where I store candles and pot pourri. The drop-down section is lined with some sort of metal ~ zinc or aluminium, I think ~ and I would guess that it would have originally been used to store bread, perhaps. The drawers were quite obviously originally meant for cutlery.

The large drop-down section makes an excellent space to store all my table linens and doilies. And of course the cupboard above is perfect to display some of my little treasures ~ Beverly always says that it looks like a bird cage or rabbit hutch with the mesh doors!

A closer view of my knick-knacks :-) There is nothing here worth much in monetary terms but they all hold sentimental value for me.

*sigh* I really do love my very eclectic collection of blue and white china. Again, nothing is worth much except to me, of course. I don't collect any one particular kind of blue and white pattern, it's all very mix-and-match ~ but that is how I like it LOL
Once I've got the dining table looking presentable I will take a broader picture of the dining room ;-)
I'm working on the living room now...

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