Saturday, 9 January 2010

For sale!

I finally got round to putting various bits 'n' bobs in my ebay store:

I've been taking the opportunity to have a bit of a sort out whilst I'm doing my long-overdue spring cleaning round the house!

Ken and Action Man both now sold.

Paul now sold.

As you will have guessed I really love dolls and have built up quite a collection! I must admit that I like the ladies more than the chaps, so I made the decision to put these three guys up for sale.

Dinosaur below now sold.

Dinosaur below now sold.

Dinosaur below now sold.

Dinosaur below now sold.
When I bought these dinosaurs I had in mind to do some "altered art" type things with them but I just haven't got round to doing anything with them at all! They are taking up too much space, really, to just keep hanging on to them so they've gone into the store too.

I have THREE of these washing dollies/possers so it seemed a good idea to let two of them go LOL I've polished these two but they still retain their patina of age. They are both lovely nostalgic pieces of vintage laundry memorabilia :-)

I've had this oriental-style vase for a long time but to be honest it doesn't really fit in with my preferred shabby-chic style of decor ~ I prefer paler hues. So it too has gone into my ebay store.
If you like the look of any of these items, then do please visit my store:

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