Tuesday, 5 January 2010


It finally happened ~ as I knew it would: I've got totally fed-up with my "ugly lap-blanket"! So I popped over to Dianne's Knitting Yarns and bought some luscious yarn to make a new lap-blanket ~ which is very much prettier, don't you think??? When the new one is finished, Amber will have the old lap-blanket ~ then she will have one upstairs as well as one downstairs.

I really love this ripple pattern; once the foundation row is done, it so incredibly simple to work on the following rows. No worrying about where you've got to if you are in the middle of a row and want to put the work to one side ~ it is easy to see what comes next! I'm getting close to the point now, though, where I need to decide whether I'm having the ripples running horizontally or vertically, since the initial chain was long enough to go either way. It's proving very hard to make up my mind as I like the pattern both ways LOL

Whilst I'm on the subject of WIPs, I've just about finished cleaning/tidying/sorting in the dining room ~ although the table is still a mess. I've moved into the living room now and have already rearranged some of my bits 'n' bobs in the dining room ~ some of them are now in the living room instead LOL Still, I like changing things around and it is far easier to move ornaments than it is moving furniture!
Oh, by the way, I put another couple of books in my Amazon Marketplace store today ~ and finally remembered to add the link in the sidebar!

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