Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Another Effanbee

Isn't she lovely? This is Tara and she arrived from the Republic of Ireland yesterday, from a really nice Ebay seller called Mary ~

I really like these Effanbee dolls, although I only have two in my doll family. They are very pretty and have lovely facial colouring ~ very sweet and delicate. Tara is in nice condition although she does need a visit to my dolly spa to be freshened-up a little. I may also take the plunge into the world of dolly hairdressing by washing and styling her hair!

Tara and Hermione (my other Effanbee) are very different to each other. Hermione is very childlike whilst Tara looks more like a lady doll, both in her face and her body shape.

See ~ I actually remembered to upload a photo of Tara when she arrived!

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