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My dolly family is growing!

Hello ~ my name is Sharon, I am nearly 49 years old...and I love dolls :-D If you read my Violet Cottage blog then, of course, you will already know this little fact about me LOL You will also know that I never seem to do the sensible thing and upload photos of my new family members as I get them ~ oh no, I do it the hard way and upload a "job lot" instead! So here is my latest batch of dolly photos...

I have a small collection of porcelain dolls and this is Geraldine, the latest addition ~ a 99p bargain. She needs a little TLC as she is rather dishevelled! In her ebay photo, she looked very sad, as if she might be about to burst into tears, but now that I've seen her close-up, she looks much happier.

Constance was only £1.50, which I admit helped in my decision to buy her. She is very pretty but I think I shall have to wash her clothes and possibly her hair too, at some point, as she smells a little musty ~ perhaps she has been stored in her box in someone's loft. Anyhoo, once she is smelling nice and fresh, I am sure she will fit in with the other porcelain dolls beautifully. Constance is actually the first porcelain doll which I bought for myself, all my others were given to me.

These pretty little girls are Takara dolls and they came all the way from Finland.
I think that Juniper (in the long gown) and Angelica are Jenny dolls and I hadn't come across this make before I saw them on Ebay. I really like them, especially their eyes which are so different to the Barbie and Sindy girls.

This is Heidi, who is a Burbank Toys doll. She is so cute! The dress she's wearing is obviously not meant for her as it's way too big but it's a sweet little dress all the same and I'm sure it will fit one of my other little girls.

Hester is a Gadea doll, made in Italy. She is another little cutie and like Heidi, she has the sweetest little "pot belly" LOL

Venetia is an Effe doll, made in Italy, and she is very pretty with the most gorgeous long eyelashes! Venetia is very grubby though, as are all her clothes, so she will be joining the other recent new girls in the dolly spa soon!

I fell in love with this sweet little girl as soon as I saw her, and after finding out that the postage from the US was very reasonable, I decided to buy her! Hermione is one of the most expensive of my dolls so far but I haven't been disappointed ~ she is absolutely beautiful! Her face looks like porcelain but she is actually made from a hard plastic. She is an Effanbee doll.

Little Hannah was part of a trio of dolls I had decided would need to be found new homes ~ ~ and indeed, one of my Flickr friends was very happy to take all three. I have already sent one of the three to her new home ~ in Canada, no less! ~ and was really pleased to hear that she arrived there safe and sound. However whilst I was getting the toys out of storage which I had just sold on Ebay, which is also where the three dolls-to-be-rehomed were being temporarily stored, I found myself falling in love all over again with little Miss Hannah ~ and I just couldn't let her go!

Would you believe that my Gorgeous Grace has a twin??? This is Gloria and she too has joined our family :-) There is a little more information on Gloria's back than there is on Grace's, who only has Made in Hong Kong stamped there. Gloria's back says "Evergreen", along with Made in Hong Kong and a number which looks like 9150. I will have to see if I can find out anything more about these girls

Here are Grace and Gloria posing together :-)

Mabel also has a twin!! This is Mildred :-) Her face looks rather pale in this photo, for some reason ~ it isn't like this in "real life" LOL Poor Mildred is very grubby and will be having a lovely dolly spa treatment before much longer!
Here are Mabel and Mildred together ~ I have to say that they seem much happier to have found each other than Grace and Gloria do!

Meet Molly (not to be confused with Jolly Molly, my mannequin head ;-D ) who ~ surprise, surprise ~ needs some TLC! She has Made in England by Palitoy stamped on her back/neck. Molly is in dire need of a good bath and shampoo! She has such pretty pale grey eyes.

Olivia and Verity travelled all the way from the States to come and live with my little dolly family ~ a gift from a lovely Flickr friend :-)

Lorna is a Barbie Fashionista doll ~ Artsy, I believe. I have to confess that Lorna is one of the reasons why I'm going off some of my other Barbie dolls ~ I just love the way her joints are articulated.

I actually only went over to Elaine's ( ) Etsy shop to get some ribbon but somehow little Miss Penelope found her way into my basket, too ;-D She is lovely and fits in so well with the rest of my dolly family!"

Here is another of my 99p bargains LOL This is how the seller described her:

"Here is a vintage Kenner Doll 1970's called Katy Tea Party. She would have had a tea set and held and poured a cup of tea when new. Now she is just for display as she no longer works. Twisting wrists, waist and head. I have dressed her in a vintage pink frock, white pants, socks and pink sandles. Cute faced doll for vintage doll collectors."

Now I have to confess that this is yet another doll which I have never heard of. I was attracted to her sweet little face with that cute smile! Needless to say, Sam and Beverly absolutely HATE poor little Katy LOL

Katy will need a bit of a clean in due course as she is rather grubby. Her joints are pretty loose, too, but I'm not sure that I will be able to do anything about that. I would love to have seen her in her heyday, pouring out cups of tea...

Here is Rose, minus her fancy gown (see photo below). Her hands are so nicely shaped, they seem more defined, somehow, than my other Barbies' hands. Rose's hair is lovely, so soft, and a more unusual colour than I've seen before.
I was a bit confused by Rose, to be honest. She was being sold simply as Barbie and the photo wasn't what you would call brilliant ~ but I really liked her hair and the seller stated that she was in good condition. I didn't notice from the photo that Rose had jointed arms, so that was a pleasant surprise ~ I like being able to pose my doll's arms. I was really surprised when I looked under Rose's dress ~ as you do LOL ~ to find that her knees are jointed, too, and her feet are flat and rather nicely shaped actually. Luckily my Flickr friends were able to tell me that Rose is a California Girl Barbie doll Apparently there were basic beach girls and also a line of dressed, jointed, girls.

And here is Rose in her very pretty gown :-)

Ursula is a Jason Wu Integrity doll and I think she is absolutely gorgeous ~ I confess that I spent more on her than I've done on any of my other Barbie-size fashion dolls! I ignored her the first time round on Ebay but when she came back up again I thought I would just watch and see ~ and I was the only bidder. I am very happy with her :-)

These two pretty blondes are Melody and Blossom. I love Melody's hairstyle but it feels horrible! I may have to do something about it at some point. Blossom is a fabulous repro Barbie ~ I really love her outfit!

Here is Blossom in the coat which matches her outfit.

This trio of lovlies are Esme, Simone and Judith.

Well, I'll bet you are all "dolled out" now ~ yes, I'm talking to you Dad!! I promise to try to remember to post pictures of my new dolls as they arrive to join the family in future!

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