Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Needle-felting and earrings!

I recently bought a book called Beginner's Guide to Needle Felting by Susanna Wallis and have been doing a spot of experimentation, but I completely forgot to take a photo of the little flower picture I made.

I started making the saucer from the instructions in the book but decided to alter it to make this little basket. I still haven't decided what to fill the basket with yet but I think tiny flowers and lace may well be involved!

These felted beads are also from the book. I now have plenty with which to make myself a nice longish necklace ~ I just have to decide on what colours to felt over the beads with. I'm thinking of bright shades ready for summer :-)

You will have gathered by now that I really have a "thing" for earrings ~ and here is yet more proof of my little addiction LOL I bought these from an Ebay seller who has lots of gorgeous jewellery and I have my eye on some more of her items!

I just couldn't resist these sweet pink penguins ~ aren't they cute??

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