Friday, 30 April 2010

Doll Census

Grace is another of my favourite dolls ~ I sometimes feel a wee bit guilty having "favourites"I bought her, like virtually all of my dolls, from Ebay and she came in a job lot of three. It was Grace, though, who had caught my eye. When I bought Grace, I had no idea who the maker was since the only markings on her were the ubiquitous "Made in Hong Kong"Back in January, though, I was able to reunite Grace with one of her sisters ~ Gloria ~ who had more information on her, namely the company name (I presume) of Evergreen.

I recently saw another of these dolls but since the reuniting of Grace and Gloria wasn't as successful as I had hoped it would be, I decided to let that sister go to another home! I was hoping that they would be good friends but sadly they don't seem very interested in each other and really don't spend any time together.

Grace, like Ethel~Maud, tends to sit in the tray of my craft lamp beside my chair so she keeps me company too :-)

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