Thursday, 1 April 2010

Dolls, trims ~ and a little bit of knitting!

Okay, so I know Amber doesn't fit with the title of this post but I just find it so darn hard to resist taking photos of her! I looked at the clock as I was about to take the photo and it was only 9am ~ then that Crystal Gayle song popped into my head, with slightly altered lyrics (sorry, Crystal LOL): "Nine o'clock in the morning and it looks like it's going to be another sleepy've been smiling in your sleep, running in your dreams, after some poor bunny"!!!! Oh dear, methinks I'd best move on...

I've added a few more dolls to my collection :-) This one is a vintage Sindy clone. Wendy is very pretty but her clothes are awfully dirty. The trouble is that they have been sewn onto her, so I shall have to carefully unpick the seams so that I can wash them. I will probably add little snap fasteners before I re-dress Wendy, then it will be easy to launder her clothes in the future.

Allegra is a repro Barbi ~ one of my Flickr friends thinks she may be a repro of Solo in the Spotlight. Whoever she is, Allegra is absolutely gorgeous! She came from a seller in the States ~ at a very reasonable price and very quickly, too.

Lily and Violet are quite similar in style to Mabel and Mildred although they are a little smaller. Mabel and Mildred are Rosebud dolls but Lily and Violet are "unknowns". They are obviously of the same era, though. I will try to remember to take a photo of the four of them together!

Elspeth is in need of a wee bit of TLC! She is very grubby but also rather lovely, I think.

I've been "watching" this vintage French ribbon for quite some time on Ebay and finally decided to buy a reel. I have about 12 yards here, so will most likely keep some and list some in my Folksy store :-)

I have even more of this gorgeous deep blue vintage lace ~ around 67 yards!! I will definitely be listing some of this!

I confess: this is a quite blatant copy of a pretty knitted bow brooch made by The Nostalgia Fairy, one of my Flickr friends ~ she doesn't mind, honestly! It was so simple to make and I've had lots of ideas for different trims, etc, so look out for lots of knitted bows popping up on my blog and in my store LOL

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