Friday, 16 April 2010

I expect you have noticed...

...that I have a new "dolly daughter"! This is Julia and I am so thrilled to have her in my dolly family :-) I have wanted a big doll like Julia for a long time and I was so excited when I came across her ~ and even more excited when she was finally mine.

Julia is about 34"/86cm tall and can wear size 12-18 months toddler clothes, so I am going to have a lot of fun getting little bits 'n' bobs for her! The dress she came in is too snug across her arms and was actually quite difficult to get off. The little apron and sun bonnet are fine, though.

Julia was listed as a "doll/mannequin" but Jesmar are/were a doll manufacturor. I can't seem to find out anything about the company, all I know is that they are/were Spanish.

Julia has these weird little things on her back ~ part of the manufacturing process, do you think? I'm also wondering why she has those two indentions near her left arm as there aren't any on the right.

This is Julia's tummy and chest ~ obviously! ~ and I have to confess that I am rather intrigued by whatever it is just below her belly button, which seems to line up with the one on her back. I'm also wondering what the other marks on her are, such as the large oval shape up near her neck and the small round shape above her belly button.

Julia sat very nicely on the draining-board, waiting to be washed from head-to-toe :-) This reminded me of when my sister was little and my Dad would sit her on the draining-board and bath her in the sink!

I washed Julia's hair and then sprayed on some Johnson's Baby No More Tangles spray ~ which worked beautifully! It also smells really nice :-) Poor Julia had been given a terrible haircut :-( It's all different lengths consisting of varying degrees of shortness!

That is the bad news. The good news is that Julia's head comes off very easily which means that I can get inside to give her a re-root! I'm so pleased about this; Julia is such a sweet, cute dolly and she deserves to have lovely hair :-)

I did my best but I'm no hairdresser ~ as you can see LOL I've tidied Julia's hair as best as I can but hopefully she will look very much better once I've gotten round to giving her a re-root.

The back was no better than the front!

It does look better than previously but I'm looking forward to seeing her after the re-root.

This is what I've gathered together so far to clean my dolls. No doubt I will be adding more things as time goes on.

I bought this Spanish senorita dress some time back as I thought it would make a nice wall decoration on the wall along our stairs but it fits Julia really nicely and she looks very cute in it.

Poor Julia desperately wants to be friends with Amber but every time she gets near to her, Amber moves further away LOL

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