Wednesday, 28 April 2010

In the garden today...

Well, technically I took this photo on Tuesday night! The moon was so bright that I just couldn't resist attempting my very first moon photo ~ alas, it is most definitely not an easy subject to capture *sigh* Adrian said that I really need a more powerful zoom, which made me feel a little better about my rather poor photography.

Not only was the moon very bright, it also had a wonderful yellowish haze which made it look so beautiful! It was the kind of moon which could really make you believe that all things were possible; I fully expected to see faeries and elves dancing around my garden ~ it felt so magical...

For a change, I decided to take photos of some the few plants and shrubs in the front garden. We lost most of the garden when we decided to have the driveway laid, which I felt a little sad about but it was for the best. Simply having one border and a handful of large pots makes it very much easier to look after now.

I was very happy that we were able to save this lilac ~ look at all those buds!

I can't remember what this little shrub is called ~ no doubt my friend will tell me in due course LOL The flowers on it are very pretty.

I do love bleeding hearts. I have white ones in the back garden and this pretty pink one in the front. I took the photo from our neighbour's garden ~ they are getting the full benefit of the lovely flowers LOL

The bleeding heart flowers look just like little faerie lanterns, glimpsed through the holly leaves :-)

We have had a house guest since Saturday evening :-) Jacob has been staying with us whilst my parents are away visiting friends. He is such a jolly dog ~ what you can't see in this photo is his tail wagging madly away!

Just look at that cute face ~ he can be a little rogue but how can you stay mad for long!

My word, Jacob, what big nostrils you have LOL

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