Wednesday, 21 April 2010

In the garden yesterday

You would not believe how long ago my Mum shortened this piece of net curtaining for my shed window ~ let's just say we are not just talking months here! Anyhoo, I finally got it up yesterday. I had a bit of a struggle to reach the left-hand side (on the inside of the shed), but with a bit of perseverance I eventually managed to get the flippin hook screwed into the window frame.

The net isn't just to make the shed look more homely, it is also to provide a bit of privacy from the flats which now overlook our gardens. I tell you, the south-east of England is fast disappearing under a bed of concrete...

I'm really pleased with how it looks ~ much more homely now. You can probably just about make out the curtain-track above the net ~ I need to make some curtains in due course!

The blackcurrant bush is looking nice and healthy ~ I wonder if it will produce any currants this year? I will have to give it plenty of TLC as I think it will be living in that tub for some months yet! I was reading about saskatoon berries the other day, which sound like they would be very tasty. I may well get a bush once the garden is sorted out.

I have a couple of these sweet little dwarf conifers and they are both full of new growth.

I think I may already have mentioned how much I love sweet violets. Little seedlings pop up all over my garden and I often just leave them where they are.

I thought I would take a close-up of the shrub-whose-name-I-can't-remember. I wish you could share the heavenly scent of these blossoms, just like honey!

Roxanna is the angel who protects my garden :-) She is starting to lose that "new" look now and always looks so peaceful and, well, angelic whatever the weather.

In my garden, it is always 4 o'clock and time for tea :-)

Yet more dandelions! I can't help it ~ I just like their sunny little flowers so much.

Surely you didn't think I would leave without taking a photo of my precious poochie! Amber is a real sun-worshipper and this is one of her favourite spots, sleeping by the patio door.

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