Friday, 30 April 2010

The joy of dolls...

...yes, my dolls really do give me a lot of joy and fun ~ and I can't make my family understand in the slightest LOL I'm pretty sure they're convinced I'm having some kind of mid-life crisis but hey ~ so long as I'm not hurting anyone with my hobby then I think it's perfectly fine!

These four little ladies were sent to my by a Flickr friend ~ thank you Simon! They are all in need of TLC but that's just how I like 'em ~ as Simon knows :-) Starting with the sweetie in the knitted outfit they are: Gwyneth, Harriet, Daphne and Billie. I've been asked a few times how a) I think of names for my dolls and b) how I then remember them all! Well, quite often a name will just pop into my head when I get a new dolly family member but failing that, I have a book of baby names which I just look through until I come to a name which seems to fit the dolly in question. As for remembering what they are all called ~ well, that's simple: I just write the names down on an ever-growing list!

The new little girls were a wee bit tired after their journey, so they had a little snuggle with Amber :-) She is such a good dog, letting me use her as a prop in my dolly photos LOL The only one she doesn't seem keen on is my dolly daughter, Julia ~ perhaps it's because Julia is such a big doll compared to the others!

Why does it seem to be so difficult to find male dolls that I like? I would really like a few more boys to balance out all the girls a little but it's so hard to find ones I like the look of! The Action Man dolls look way too much all-brawn-but-no-brain and the Ken-types just look like they must spend all their time in front of a mirror admiring themselves LOL I've seen some ball-jointed dolls and Gene-type ones that look do look quite nice, but sadly my purse won't stretch that far *sigh*

Anyhoo, let me introduce you to Douglas, the latest chap to join my menagerie!

I lifted Julia up onto our rickety old garden bench to take a photo of her in her new clothes. The shoes are very sweet but she has incredibly wide feet, so the straps barely reach across to the buckle! I think I may well remove the straps and buckles, and replace them with ribbon ties instead.

Eliza arrived on Wednesday. I know she probably looks just like any other Sindy-type doll but there was something about her that I really liked. I love the colour of her hair and her homemade clothes are very sweet, although they need a little bit of repair work carrying out. Her hair is very coarse and quite matted, too, but I'm sure after I've gotten round to washing it and spraying on some of that detangler I used on Julia, it will be lovely again :-) I have quite a soft spot for Sindys and Sindy clones!

Now this young chap is a male doll that I really do like. He was sold as an Alan/Happy Families doll but I've no idea if that's right or not. To be frank, I wasn't bothered "who" Jonathan (as I have named him) was, I just liked him and thought I'd better bid pronto as it's so hard for me to find males I like!
He and Chrissy have really hit it off well ~ I sense the blossoming of a beautiful romance between the two of them ;-)

Jonathan came complete with a spare outfit ~ which he has very kindly loaned out already! Chrissy is currently wearing the sweater which looks very fetching with her temporary hankerchief sarong-style skirt (well, at least she is no longer naked!), and Darrell has borrowed the trousers.

The lovely Allegra is modelling my latest vintage dress purchase from my friend Joey's ebay store: Charmbrella. It is a lovely gown but I don't think the fabric is quite right for Allegra to be honest. Still, I didn't buy it specifically for her so in due course it will be passed on to one of the other girls. Allegra is just happy that she is no longer naked LOL

Now, I did realise that the dress would not be large enough for Chrissy ~ I just wanted to get an idea of how the style and print would look on her :-) It's such a shame that it isn't big enough because it suits her so well, I think. Perhaps I can draw around the dress on a sheet of paper and fiddle about to make it in a bigger size. I guess it will be very much a trial-and-error exercise but if I do manage to make a pattern for Chrissy, then I will be able to make her a nice selection of dresses. Well that's the theory anyway ~ it all sounds so reasonable in my head!

I bought myself another Yoborobo original ~ this is Loretta and she is absolutely gorgeous! Pam (aka Yoborobo) makes such wonderful little plushies. I already have two, Ingrid and Benny, and I also bought a couple for Beverly at Christmas. Pam is another of the lovely folk I have "met" on Flickr :-)

Pam is such a sweet person ~ in the parcel with Loretta she enclosed her pet chicks, Cheep and Chirp, and this lovely fleece fabric. Pam has been giving me lots of good advice and tips on making plushies for myself, and she has been so encouraging about Miss Plushie :-)

Also in the box was this gorgeous hanging decoration ~ isn't it pretty!

And this is the other side. It will sparkle beautifully in the sunshine :-)

Here is sweet Loretta with Cheep and Chirp ~ somewhere in the depths of my shed I have a stash of little baskets, and when I find them I will give one to Loretta so that she can carry the chicks around more easily :-)
I have joined a couple more groups on Flickr: One Object 365 Days Project and Doll Census - One doll a day so look out for even more dolly photos to come!

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