Friday, 9 April 2010

My day without shoes...

The start of my day without shoes! Now that it's getting warmer I'm back to bare feet most of the time anyway, so to be honest I felt like this was a bit of a cheat in a way. I do usually slip on my beloved Crocs when I go outside, though, but yesterday they stayed in the hall all day.

Not a very good photo, I'm afraid, of me feeding the chickens. The sun was streaming down right where my foot was resting on the doorway of the run!

Even though she says her feet are "skanky", and really dislikes showing them, Beverly joined in with me for most of the day too :-)

Collecting the eggs. I admit I was very careful where I trod LOL

How ironic that my new Crocs should arrive on One Day Without Shoes day! I only seem to wear Crocs these days and have quite a few pairs now.
My day without shoes was very easy since I was at home all day and didn't have to go out anywhere. I'm not sure how I would feel walking the streets barefooted, to be honest, although the "bare feet" movement is something I am becoming more interested in. I have recently discovered the Society for Barefoot Living and am finding their website very interesting. I don't know how much "barefoot living" I will eventually be comfortable with but I am definitely willing to experiment ~ even if only a little!

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