Thursday, 22 April 2010

Snippets of this and a smidgeon of that...

A post of all sorts today LOL

I got this beautiful vintage lace to add to my ever-growing collection. It will make a lovely addition to dolly dresses.

I'm going to have a go at making myself a summer skirt and thought this fabric would be just perfect. Whatever I make will have to be a very simple design as I am a learner-sewer, which will suit this border-print fabric down-to-the-ground.

I'm still getting those half-price daffodils with my supermarket shopping LOL This week, though, a couple of the bunches were this rather different variety ~ aren't they pretty!

Amongst all my other collecting obsessions, I also have a love of deer ornaments! I finally got round to arranging my bits 'n' bobs on this old dresser, which belonged to my Great Aunt Mary. One or two of the ornaments on here were her's too :-)

A full-height view of Aunt Mary's dresser. I am storing old curtains in the cupboard at the moment, until I get round to doing something with them!

Amber is such a funny dog! I found her asleep like this yesterday, all wrapped up with her piggy.

This is another of the celebration cakes I used to make. I made this barbeque for my sister's 40th birthday, in May 2005, which had an Australian theme ~ bet you would never have guessed that, eh ;-)

I think this is probably one of my favourites of the cakes I've made, which I created for my mother-in-law's 80th birthday back in September 2003. The actual cake was very simple ~ either a sponge or madeira cake (I can't remember now which it was!) covered with green-coloured sugarpaste icing. The 1/12th scale patio garden was made as a separate piece, which was Jean's actual birthday gift. I really enjoyed making this little vignette and so I've decided that I will make another one for myself :-)

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