Saturday, 22 May 2010

Adding to my dolly collection

I've avoided buying Sindy furniture up to now ~ I'm not sure why really! But ever since I saw one of my Flickr contact's dolls displayed so nicely on shelves, I've been thinking that is what I would like to do with my girls. A few pieces of furniture would be good to display with the dolls and a wardrobe ~ or two! ~ would be especially handy since I am gradually adding to their clothing collection.

So, I saw this wardrobe on Ebay and thought I would go for it even though it's not in very good condition! I've been able to find a few pictures of what this model would have looked like when new and can see that my new acquisition is very battered indeed LOL Now I'm in something of a quandry: do I simply clean the wardrobe as best I can and leave it as-is or do I go for a complete revamp???

I must admit that I am extremely tempted to go down the revamping route and turn it into a "decorated-by-Sharon" wardrobe as opposed to leaving it in the original Sindy version. I'll take photos of what I decide to do in due course ;-)

As you can see, this is the inside of the wardrobe. The set of drawers is in really nice condition but the top shelf and rail are looking very sad. There are also bits missing from one of the doors but the mirror and shoe rack are both fine.

I just keep looking at the wardrobe now, thinking about what I could do with it and how pretty I could make it look!

A bundle of clothes came with the wardrobe ~ these have Barbie labels in them. I really like the skirt and retro top but if I'm honest, I'm not at all sure about the jumpsuit and jacket!

This jacket has an Action Man label so one of my boys will have a jacket, at least.

None of these pieces have any labels. The shorts look quite big so I'm wondering if they, too, are for an Action Man perhaps.

This is such a cute set! The shorts have a Barbie label although the matching top doesn't.

None of these have labels, either. I like these best of all as they have an older feel to them ~ probably because they fasten with poppers rather than Velcro.

And finally, this Sindy came with the wardrobe too LOL

Anthea is in need of some TLC and has lost her left thumb, poor girl. Still, a session in the dolly spa will have her feeling lovely again. Mind you, it may be a while before she can get an appointment as I'm booked pretty solid at the moment ;-D

These four young ladies came together, as a job lot. I'll bet you would never have guessed that it was the two in the middle who caught my eye ~ especially the one with white hair LOL All four are in a nice clean condition, for a change! All three Sindy look-alikes are wearing plastic bras and have nylon knickers; the young lady in pink is going commando ;-D

So, we have Pippa in the rather snazzy romper suit; June with the VERY yellow hair in the knitted trouser suit (the jumper of which has a zip at the back!); then it's Tamsin, my favourite I have to confess, wearing a very cosy duffle coat; and finally, Vivien.

And this little sweetie is Camille, who I think is absolutely lovely ~ I am SO pleased with her!
There is something about dolls like this that I just love ~ I find them extremely appealing. Camille has Camay stamped on her back, in a diamond-shaped box, along with Made in Hong Kong and a number which I think says 6012. She is in very nice condition and her knitted dress is really nicely made. She is also wearing Sindy shoes ~ it's so nice to get a doll with shoes!

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