Thursday, 20 May 2010

New members of my dolly family...and a bit of dolly surgery!

Josephine arrived at my door yesterday ~ a pressie from my friend, Olive :-) Apparently, Olive saw Josephine and thought of me ~ I can't think why, can you???

Josephine is really lovely and in wonderful condition ~ I suspect she has previously been displayed in a cabinet. I'm sure she will be very happy living with my other porcelain girls, although at the moment she is standing on a little table in my living room!

Iris arrived yesterday, too ~ a pressie to myself ;-) She is also in very nice condition, although her hair is rather dry and frizzy but I'm sure I will be able to sort that out in the dolly spa at some point.

Her clothes are rather fab and in very good condition as well. To be honest, Iris' clothes look as if they have been hardly played with which makes a nice change! It's also lovely to get a Sindy doll actually wearing shoes. All in all, I'm very pleased with Iris indeed :-)

And now for the dolly surgery! At last I have re-attached poor Ethel~Maud's arms ~ much to her relief LOL They are also now both the right way round as previously one of them (I can't remember which it was now) had the thumb pointing backwards. They had both been sewn back on at some point prior to Ethel~Maud joining my dolly family and even if I do say so myself, they look a damn sight better now that I've had a go at them even though it's not a perfect job by any means!

I was a wee bit perplexed as to how the arms should be re-attached, to be honest, as I really wasn't sure whether or not they had been sewn back on properly before. It was quite a difficult job as the fabric at the tops of Ethel~Maud's arms is starting to become a little delicate. In the end, I decided to turn in a fraction more than had been done previously, just so that I was sewing through slightly thicker fabric. I guess arms on dolls do tend to get rather a lot of wear and tear and I don't think she minds that they are now a tiny bit shorter than before LOL

Although it won't be as easy to wash her as it is my vinyl and plastic dolls, I will give Ethel~Maud a session in the dolly spa soon. I'm hoping that she will end up looking at least a little cleaner than she does at present :-)

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