Friday, 25 June 2010

In the garden today...

I can hardly believe how many blooms are on this climbing rose this year!

Creeping Jenny and Ivy are obviously the best of friends :-)

The creeping jenny flower is so sweet and such a pretty shade of yellow ~ rather like a buttercup.

When the girls are out in the garden, they have taken to running up to me every time I set foot out there ~ I guess they are hoping I might have some tasty treats for them LOL

This succulent seems to like living in the cracked bird bath.

The last of the self-sown poppies.

So pretty ~ nature doesn't care about having the "right" colours side-by-side. Mother Earth always gets her colour combinations right :-)

This is the fairy who lives in the gnome hamlet. I hope she isn't too lonely now that they have gone away.....

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