Wednesday, 16 June 2010

In the garden...

We've had bird feeders in our front garden for a number of years. When we finally got permission to have the kerb dropped, the front was radically altered; where we had previously had lots of plants and shrubs, we now have paviors and a single, narrow shrub border. Still, I decided to put back the feeders in the hope that the birds might eventually come again.

It took a while, but I was thrilled to finally see the birds coming back to feed ~ despite the garden now being very open with few shrubs or plants. Like my Dad says, they are town-raised birds and I guess they aren't bothered by the traffic noise or by being in such close proximity to people :-)

I took these photos of a goldfinch through the living room window ~ I am surprised they have come out as well as they have!

I am particularly pleased with this photo as the feathers on the bird's back are really nice and clear.

This solar panel is on the back of our house, which faces more or less south. We turn off our gas boiler at about the end of April until around the end of September. The solar panel heats our water admirably, with only the occasional quick boost needed from the immersion heater. The pump for the panel is solar powered too. The only drawback has been that because we live in such a hardwater area, we had to have a water softener fitted which runs on electricity. Still, at least we are able to generate some of our own hot water :-)

This display is near to the patio door. The clock stopped working some time ago ~ even fitting a new battery didn't help. So I decided to set the hands to 4 o'clock. Now it is always time for tea in my garden!

This sweet little fairy lives in one of the broken terracotta pots, filled with pebbles and shells.

I just can't seem to help myself taking photos of my garden angel ~ I am drawn to her every time I go out into the garden.

As you can see she is a rather cheap 'n' cheerful statue, made of some kind of resin. She is starting to weather nicely now :-)

Heuchera and chives in the raised bed, planted near the angel.

The bees love the chive flowers.

This climbing rose is absolutely full of blooms this year. It grows at the far end of the hen house.

The rose has its roots in a very shady area but it is thriving in this spot, reaching up to the sky and the sun.

I love this pink tinge to the white petals.

The sun was hiding behind the big fluffy cloud and it looked so pretty. It's a shame that the overhead train lines were in the way!

A rather scary photo of your's truly, cuddling Prudence...whether she wanted to be cuddled or not LOL

A sunbathing chicken...

...and a sunbathing pooch!

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