Monday, 14 June 2010

A job lot of dolly goodies!

I seem to have a lot of photos that I haven't uploaded here yet, so I thought I'd best get some of them done!

I recently bought a job lot of Sindy goodies, although this pretty pink set was a separate lot. I have a couple of small display shelves ~ you know, the ones with little cubby holes for displaying small things ~ and I think I will put this set on one of them :-) At the moment, the display shelves are just bare wood so I will hopefully get round to painting them soon. I'm also thinking of lining the cubby holes with pretty papers. Well, it's on my list of things to do at any rate!

Most of the items in the job lot are absolutely filthy dirty except for this bedspread and the bathroom accessories. The bedspread is rather nice, actually, although I'm not so keen on the bathroom things ~ they may well find themselves back on Ebay at some point LOL

This bedding needs washing but I think I may have to remove the foam from the pillows first.

These inflatables are rather fun, don't you think?? I don't know if they have any holes in them ~ they will need a good clean before I try inflating them methinks ;-)

I'm not sure whether I like this inflatable set or not. I'll give the pieces a good clean and then decide whether or not to keep them.

I do like this hairdryer, though ~ it's a shame it isn't in working order anymore. It came with it's original box.

I love the deckchair and when it's been cleaned, it will look really fab out in the garden! I was pleased to get the stands as I don't have any for my Sindys or Barbies, so they will come in very handy.

Naturally, the dolls ~ especially the two Sindys ~ were what caught my eye in the first place LOL I don't know anything about the other blonde doll; she does have something stamped on her neck but I can't make out what it says, even using a magnifying glass. The little doll is a Penny Brite, according to my Flickr friends! She is very cute. The Barbie dog is a little weird and I'm thinking that he will be going to live with one of my Flickr friends before too long!
So, starting with the brunette Sindy, we have Joanna, Lesley and Shirly; the little girl is Betsy and the collie dog is Fizz :-)

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