Sunday, 27 June 2010

More Dolls & this 'n' that...

These boots, photos above and below, came with a set of dolls (photo further down this post) I recently bought. To be honest, I'm really not all that keen on these chunky boots so they may well find themselves back on Ebay at some point!

These are the My Scene girls that the chunky boots came with. Starting with the brunette on the left we have: Selina, Bridget, Mimi, Tiffany and Mae.

Here is a close-up of Mae, showing her wonderful eyelashes. I didn't realise that any of the My Scene dolls had "proper" eyelashes! Mae has gorgeous hair, too.

Melanie is, I believe, a Fashion Fever Barbie. She is, for a change, in excellent condition! Melanie has such a pretty face and lovely hair.

I don't know what this plant is called but it grows very readily in my garden! I love the way the flowers curl up in the evening.

I adore the scent of honeysuckle. The smell always reminds me of staying at my Grandma's when I was a child as she had honeysuckle growing against the wall opposite her back door :-) This plant is growing against the side of the hen house.

Another shot of the white climbing rose at the far end of the hen house. As I have said many times already, I am absolutely thrilled at how well it has bloomed this year.

I am still working my way through that pile of ironing!

Actually, to be fair, I am now caught up ~ and keeping caught up ~ with the day-to-day stuff. It's all the linens that I'm still ploughing through LOL

These were very creased and needed lots of lavender water sprinkled over them, so I draped them over the clothes-horse to dry off in the sunshine :-)

Abigail is always very interested when the patio door is open and stands on the step, peering in. This time, though, she decided to boldly go where no chicken had gone before LOL Unfortunately, Amber chose to come flying in a few seconds after I took this photo and poor Abigail ended up bouncing off the side window in her panic to get back outside! You will be pleased to know that she was none the worse for her adventure ;-)
That's Prudence outside the door, doing a spot of sunbathing.

I thought you might like a close-up of my ear as I have had another piercing done LOL It is surprisingly tricky to take a photo of your own ear!

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