Friday, 25 June 2010

Recent dolly goodies!

I saw these Barbie-size boots on Ebay from a seller in Hong Kong and since they were so cheap 'n' cheerful, I thought I would see what they were like. Well, I'm very pleased with them and will be ordering more in the not-too-distant future, just so that the Barbies don't have to fight over who is going to wear them ;-) As they were so inexpensive, I'm planning on experimenting with altering them ~ perhaps paint them different colours or adhere fabric to them. It's another little job on that list of mine LOL

Stefan is quite a man, eh??? I'm sure the girls will find him very attractive LOL
He's not too bad although it's a shame about the silver "thing" on his arm ~ I've no idea what it was originally meant to be used for. I like his articulated joints but I do wish these action figures (he is apparently a Max Steel figure from Mattel) didn't have clenched up hands. It makes if very difficult for them to hold.....hands with the Sindy's and Barbies ;-D

Beverly was rather taken aback when she first spotted Graeme ~ she wondered what on earth he was wearing until she realised it was a surfing suit LOL I quite like this chap ~ although I have to admit that I don't like his outfit very much!

I like Miles, too ~ although he is quite small at a little over 10 1/2" tall. He has fab hair! He is stamped Mattel.

Now, Eugene I DO like ~ very much! Bet you never thought you'd hear me say that about a boy doll ;-D He has Mattel stamped on his back and Disney at the back of his neck. He is 12" tall.

The clothes above and camping stools below came with the latest Sindy ~ further down the post ~ to join my family.

And here is my latest Sindy ~ meet Jennifer. I recycled the name from a doll I sent on to a new home with a Flickr friend :-) Jennifer is lovely ~ she has such a pretty face and is very cute, too.

Doesn't Felicity look beautiful in this gown??

It is a little bit large for her but she still looks wonderful in it :-) When I bought the gown, for some reason I thought it was Barbie-size! Now that I've dressed Felicity in it, I'm not sure what doll it would have originally been made for ~ not Gene, I think.

It is beautifully made, with a lovely lining. The style is simple which is perfect for the gorgeous fabric :-)

My Flickr friends and I are not altogether sure who Geraldine is. She has the letter P enclosed in a circle on the back of her neck but that doesn't actually help to narrow it down! One of my FF was kind enough to give me this information:
"One of my doll books, "Revlon Dolls and Their Look-alikes" says, "Circle P is a very common marking on 10-inch dolls used by several different companies. It's almost impossible to identify most Circle P dolls unless they're found in their original box or packaging." Miss Pam by Fortune Toys is one such doll and had no painted eye lashes like yours."

So my sweet Geraldine may be a Miss Pam doll :-)
Her face is really nice, with lovely colouring. I'm wondering if the dress is original to her, as it fits so well. Her feet are much better proportioned than those of the Sindys and Barbies. Geraldine is pretty clean, so will only need a quick session in the dolly spa, but her hair will need some attention!

Monica (another recycled name LOL) is my first Tonner doll. She is rather lovely and came in her box with a certificate ~ I think it's her box, anyway. She is very elegant, like my Gene dolls :-)
Don't tell Adrian or the kids, but I would have a lot more of these larger fashion dolls if I could find 'em at reasonable-to-me prices.....

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