Saturday, 26 June 2010

A walk on Walsworth Common...

...last Sunday:

This just makes me so angry! Why do people think it is perfectly fine and dandy to dump their rubbish in our beauty spots and public spaces?? Whoever threw these bags here could just as easily have taken them to the local dump. Instead they chose to discard their rubbish in an area which belongs to the whole community...and the whole community will be footing the bill for clearing this away. Shame on whoever did this ~ and they should perhaps remember that what goes around, comes around.

This makes me very angry, too. There are ALWAYS bags of rubbish left at the bottle/plastic recycling banks in the car park of our local Common. What is wrong with people? Why do they find it so hard to understand that these banks are for plastic, glass, etc, and not general household rubbish! No doubt these same people are amongst the first to complain when the local council taxes go up, even though they are contributing to the rises with extra rubbish disposal having to take place!

Still, at least this bench always makes me smile :-) Every time I see it, I find myself thinking that one day it will disappear into the Common LOL Mind you, it's been like this for many years now so perhaps it has sunk as far as it's ever going to go!

The ducks were taking a little nap.

A very handsome chap. He was very interested in us ~ probably wondering if we were going to feed him LOL

Bottoms up!

Such a sweet duck ~ and she posed for me beautifully :-)

It looks very mysterious, I know, but really it's just a small group of trees and shrubs on the common :-)

A not-very-good photo I took with a Flickr friend in mind, who is very keen on trains!

The "leaning tree" of Walsworth Common ;-)

Amber's poor leg was a bit sore following the trauma of the bath she had had earlier in the day! But she soon got over it LOL
"Oooooh, this is so interesting Mum! Such a lot of yummy smells for me to investigate!"

"I think I may be a teensy wee bit sniffed out now!"

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