Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Beverly's off on another new adventure!

The family Beverly is nannying for are moving to Orkney...and Beverly is going with them to continue looking after Niamh! I get the impression that she is experiencing a mixture of excitement and nervousness ~ excitement at the new adventure she's going on, and nervousness at being such a long way from home. I am sure she will soon settle down and start to enjoy her new life :-) We will all miss her, of course, but equally we are all very excited for her as well.

Beverly came home last Friday for a few days and brought Niamh with her for the morning. She is such a cute little tot and soon made herself at home!

Beverly and I just had to get these photos of Sam! It's amazing ~ he was actually interacting with a very small child LOL And this is the fella who reckons that he doesn't like kids ;-)

Niamh found Sam rather interesting ~ each time she spotted him, she giggled and smiled! He told us that she was "cute" LOL

On Sunday I hosted a small family dinner as it's the last time we will all be together now until Christmas ~ weather permitting, of course!

Adrian, Sam and Amanda (my "little" sister!).

Sam, Amanda, Dad and Liz (close family friend).

Mum and Beverly.

Beverly, your's truly and Adrian.

My little girl and me :-)
Beverly is home until Thursday, when she goes back to work. Then, she and the family will be off on the journey to Orkney next week!

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