Friday, 9 July 2010

A family walk to the park...

...a couple of Saturday's back:

River Purwell where it meets the River Hiz

This plant looks very pretty hanging down above the River Hiz

A couple of photos for a Flickr friend ~ railway bridge carrying the mainline from London to Peterborough and the North

That is my son under the bridge, waiting (im??)patiently!

WW2 redoubt near the railway bridge ~ very overgrown, so it was quite difficult to get a decent photo

I was struck by the contrast of the soft feather with the rough tarmac path :-)

Very large willow down at the park, growing beside the River Hiz

Beverly and Amber waiting for me to finish taking photos LOL

I don't know what this tree is but it is very attractive

Beverly very kindly humoured me by posing on the tyre-swing!

There were a good dozen woodpigeons scratching around on the grass but they kept moving about ~ hence my photo of a measly five of 'em LOL

Owl box, perhaps?

Amber was very interested in watching the other dogs but unfortunately, a little later, a nasty little bull-dog-type thing went for her :-( Thankfully she wasn't hurt, only shaken up a little, but I wasn't best pleased as you can imagine. The dog's owner said that she didn't really like other dogs, which begs the question of why she either didn't have the horrible little thing on a lead or muzzled!

I don't know what these fruits are but there were absolutely masses of them on the shrubs

Line of trees in front of a row of Victorian cottages, which were built beside the railway embankment

Triangle Community Garden noticeboard

Archway into the Triangle Community Garden. I wanted to take a photo of Adrian and the gruesome twosome in the arch but they wouldn't co-operate!

Mosaic in the Community Garden

On the way home I spotted this cheery little flower, growing very happily by the side of the path

I managed to take a sneaky photo of the gruesome twosome ~ shame it's a view of their backs LOL

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