Friday, 9 July 2010

A handful of this 'n' that

I'm rather pleased with this photo ~ usually my insect pictures are pretty rubbishy! This little chap was on my butterfly bush, obviously very interested in the sticky dew. For some reason, this shrub has been targeted by greenfly *sigh* Oh well, at least I get to see the sparrows up close when they gather in the bush to feed on said greenfly!

Babs had a good think about hopping into the dining room for a look round! She obviously thought about it for a wee bit too long, though, and lost interest in the idea :-D

A sleepy Jacob :-)

An even more sleepy Amber!

Adrian came home from the supermarket a couple of weekends back with this gorgeous houseplant for me ~ and last weekend, be bought me another one :-) They are Celosia Caracas and are very pretty. I have put them in pots on our living room windowsill as the care instructions say they should be placed in a bright position away from direct sunlight. They are also known as cockscomb and as a garden plants, appear to be annuals but I'm hoping they will be longer-lived as houseplants :-)

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