Monday, 16 August 2010

And there's more...

Jasmine has had a long journey for such a little girl, all the way from the States, just like Marcella. I'm sure they will be the best of friends :-)

Peggy has gorgeous hair and a rather sweet face, I think. Her outfit is very nice, too.

I'll bet you can't possibly guess what first caught my attention about Ruth ;-) Oh, you guessed it was her hair, right??

Ruth is an Integrity doll and has quite a different look about her to most of my other fashion dolls. She is wearing an outfit with a Barbie label. I really like her :-) One of my Flickr friends asked if I named her after Ruth Ellis! It was just the first name which popped into my head but perhaps there was something just a little subconscious about it LOL

I admit that some of these latest Barbies attracted my attention more for their outfits really! The only dress with a label is the white one which has a pink label saying Fashion Avenue Barbie.

The girls are Nancy (in the blue dress), Theresa, Margo, Kitty and Josie. They could all do with a session in the dolly spa at some point! As you can see, Nancy and Theresa both have jointed elbows. Nancy also has a really cute smattering of freckles :-) Margo's hair is a lovely shade and I like her overall colouring, too.
I think that perhaps Kitty and Josie are older Barbies as they have that younger, more innocent-looking face. They are both really sweet but I particularly like Josie's face :-)

Ah yes, another Sindyish clone :-) Susannah is really lovely. She has Petra Star and von Plasty on her back. She is surprisingly heavy!
She is another clone from Linda.

Agnes is rather sweet. She has been given a pretty wig, made out of mohair I think :-) Her trousers have a Barbie label in them and the sweater is beautifully knitted, with pretty pearl beads as buttons at the back.
Another clone from Linda.

Muriel is another hard plastic Rosebud doll ~ I have such a soft spot for Rosebuds :-) What do you think of her very fetching Sumo wrestler ensemble??


Molly said...

Thanks for visiting and your nice comment at my blog. I like Muriel. I am unfamiliar with Rosebud dolls but now will look for them. Is it a brand or a type? Have a blessed day or evening as it is where you are!

Sharon said...

Hi Molly ~ thanks so much for visiting :-)

Rosebud was a brand of dolls, who made many different sizes. I still have my first Rosebud, Jane, who is a baby doll ~ I've had her since I was about two years old!