Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The doll family...

.....just keeps on expanding ;-)

omg, if I'd known the trouble I would have with the girls when they clapped eyes on James, then I may have thought twice before buying him ;-P They are all trying to catch his eye ~ perhaps they will calm down if I can find/make him some clothes!

I bought Sheena from my Flickr friend, Joey ~ mostly because I liked her articulated elbows!

Joey is just so sweet ~ he sent Karen as a little gift :-)

I bought this sweet girl from Joey, too ~ isn't she lovely! Maria needs a session in the dolly spa ~ dearie me, I have so many girls waiting for their appointments :-0

Miriam is another clone from Linda, who is one of my favourite Ebay sellers. Her hair is a little dry but it's a fabulous colour and there is lots of it!
Tracy is another clone, also from Linda. Tracy has such a cheeky face and looks very pleased with herself ~ I think the next photo probably explains why ;-P
And here is why Tracy looks so pleased with herself, methinks!

I'm assuming that she wasn't made like this LOL She has been given a sort of belly button, too. And you may just be able to see that she has an ~ how can I put this delicately?? ~ interesting undercarriage :-D Although that may be something to do with the mould when she was made.

So what do you think of Tracy, my dears?? She is certainly different LOL

Well, I keep buying the patterns ~ but haven't gotten around to actually making anything for my ranks of poor naked dolls yet!

And whilst we are on the subject of patterns, my Mum pulled everything out of their cupboard-under-the-stairs and had a mega clear-out. Some of the stuff came my way, including these vintage sewing patterns :-)
To be honest, t's doubtful whether I shall ever get round to making anything using the patterns, but I really like the artwork on the envelopes so shall keep them anyway.

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