Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Don't you just love...

...fancy-pants yarn and big needles ;-)

It's taken me weeks and weeks to get this scarf finished ~ goodness knows why as it's only garter stitch on big needles! I often find myself going through a similar "making" pattern: I start off with lots of enthusiasm, working on the project in any spare moments, then it starts to tail right off and I hardly look at the poor half-finished item for weeks on end! Then I get all enthusiastic again and work away until it's done LOL

I knitted a dress for Rose, with a wee bit of experimenting :-)

I saw a free knitting pattern for a batwing sweater and thought it would be nice made into a dress ~ that way I wouldn't have to make a skirt to go with it ;-) I must confess that I didn't really follow the pattern instructions in the end, instead, I did pretty much my own thing LOL

I'm rather pleased with how it's turned out although I may make the next one a couple of stitches wider, since this wasn't terribly easy to get on Rose ~ even with her jointed arms! It would be nice made shorter, too, as a tunic to wear with jeans :-) Or, of course, I could even make it sweater length ;-)

The yarn is a nice varigated one but the variegation is out of scale, really, for Barbie-sized clothes. Still, this was a try-it-and-see exercise and I don't think that Rose minds :-)

I'm rather enjoying these knitting experiments; as you know, I am very much a novice knitter and this is giving me some good practice. I learnt a new skill with this dress, too: pick up and knit. I really struggled, though, picking up the yarn with the knitting needle, so I resorted to using a crochet hook to pull it through and then dropped it over the needle. I also need more practice at sewing pieces together.

I also made Rose a simple hat, using the same yarn, to go with her dress.

I've also knitted a new outfit for Allegra.

Again, I started to follow a pattern I found online to make a sleeveless sweater, but it was a cropped style which I didn't really think Allegra would like. I added a couple more rows of the ribbing and then changed to garter stitch using larger needles. The green yarn went so nicely with the new boots I got from Joey that I decided to make a skirt, too. It's a very simple style which I have made before: three rows of garter stitch for the bottom edge and then stocking stitch until it gets to the desired length :-)

Here's a closer view of those fab boots!

Lovely Joey enclosed this little girl with the boots as a surprise ~ isn't she sweet! I've decided to call her Lolli :-) She has really taken to Ethel~Maud and doesn't leave her side!

I've added another piece of encaustic art to my tiny collection. I thought this was delightful ~ so whimsical and fairy-like :-)

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