Friday, 6 August 2010

Griselda has a sister!

I have had Griselda (the redhead) for quite a while now, so I was thrilled when I came across Phyllis recently. They are quite obviously sisters! Phyllis, though, is in much better condition than poor Griselda, who has loose stringing, is very grubby, has clothes which are falling to pieces and on top of all that, she is having a bad hair day too!

As Griselda was sewn into her outfit, I hadn't as yet cut her out of it. But since I have had a good look at Phyllis, I decided to snip the threads and see what she looked like underneath the tattered gown she was wearing. Poor Griselda has a split at the side of her neck and as I've already said, she will definitely need re-stringing ~ a session in the dolly spa is called for, methinks! I will probably try to re-style her hair a little, too, to cover the bald area she has developed at the back of her head. Perhaps I will be able to give her some kind of updo-type style as she has a fair bit of hair hanging down at the back of her neck :-)

The dress Phyllis came in was fastened with snaps, so I was able to take it off easily to examine her properly. She has a very shapely figure, don't you think? I think that these older fashion dolls (she most likely dates from the 1940s) have much nicer figures than the Barbies and Sindys. Phyllis has very pretty colouring and other than having lost both her thumbs, she is in nice condition with taut stringing and a nice hairstyle :-)

Phyllis came with clothes, too. They are beautifully made and suit her so well.

She is a lovely addition to my collection :-)

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