Sunday, 22 August 2010


So this is me way back in August 1983. At the time I thought I was so fat ~ I would never have dreamed then just how huge I would one day become.

I have to confess that I am feeling pretty low right now ~ well, I have been for some little while actually. I try hard to maintain a "jolly fat woman" persona but it's becoming very difficult to continue with this charade. I look at this photo and the tears just well up. How could I have let myself become so fat, how could I have let myself go so badly?

I'm tired of only living ~ in effect ~ half a life. I rarely go out because it is such an effort to walk far or for very long. I want to change ~ God knows, I certainly NEED to change. I'll be 50 years old next June and the thought of spending however many years I may have left in the shell I have created fills me with horror. And let's be frank, if I don't shed a serious amount of fat then what kind of life will it be anyway?

I thought about finding a photo of a celebrity to use as my inspiration but it isn't exactly realistic, is it? I can, though, use a photo of MYSELF because I am still ME somewhere deep inside this layer of all-encompassing fat.

So, here is my inspiration photo. Please spare me a couple of minutes, from time-to-time, to send healing, encouraging thoughts my way ~ I would so appreciate this, my friends (((hugs)))


AngelDoll said...

You are beautiful INSIDE and OUT Sharon...and remember God loves you! Cheer up my friend.

Sharon said...

Thank you so much, sweetie ~ I so appreciate you taking time to stop by and comment :-) I'm feeling better, actually, since I wrote this post. I think that sometimes it's good to get stuff out of your head and down on paper (or in this case, screen!) It's hard at times to step back from a situation you may find yourself in but writing this post has enabled me to do that :-)