Monday, 2 August 2010

More dolls!

My doll family just keeps on growing! These are my recent acquisitions ;-)

Coral has the most beautiful big blue eyes! She is rather like Petal but has no Rosebud markings on her back.

You have already seen Tessa ~ she is the latest (and last, I hope!) child to be adopted by Trixie and Troy.

Marcella is my very first Mini American Girl doll. She is so sweet ~ I really love her!

Another addition to the porcelain doll side of the family. Poor Marigold is not in the best condition, bless her. She has badly bashed heels, with actual holes in them! I will probably try to patch them up at some point :-) I thought she would make a nice friend for Beaulah.

One of my favourite Ebay sellers, Linda, has had a whole raft of clone dolls for sale recently and I've been tempted more than once! This pretty blonde is Isabelle :-)
Ellen is a strange doll ~ she is like a clone version of Dollikin/Action girl, if there were such a thing! Well, I suppose there must have been since Ellen is here LOL (From Linda).

Estelle is gorgeous and I just love her long dark hair ~ with that fringe, I think she looks a little like Bettie Page! Who would have thought that I would love these clone dolls so much :-) (From Linda).

I was rather taken with Lorraine ~ she has the most wonderful eyelashes!

A closer view of Lorraine's eyelashes.

This is Trudie, one of two new Dollikins :-)

When I got Alice, my first Dollikin, I really loved her sweet elfin-like face but wasn't sure about the rest of her! She's has definitely grown on me, though, so I have a little looksie on Ebay from time-to-time to see if there are any up for auction ;-)

Trudie isn't in as good condition as Alice. Her waist and legs are a little loose. I think I will have to remove that skirt sooner rather than later as it's a tad too snug over her thighs, poor girl, and it's making her legs cross over each other! She looks like she is desperate for the loo ROFL

And this is Yvonne, the second new Dollikin. She is in quite good condition but her jumpsuit has seen better days ~ there are quite a few holes in it. I'm not sure why, but she seems to be looking rather worried in this photo for some reason!

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I didn't buy Valentina for herself but for her pretty Faerie Glenn dress ;-) It probably sounds weird, but I'm not all that keen on these Barbies who have their arms in this bent position, so poor Valentina may be finding herself back on Ebay at some point!

I don't know who the manufacturer of Tanya was since it only says Made in England on her back. I just thought she was such a sweet little girl :-)

When I bought Helena and Giselle, I couldn't see from the photo that they had the weird bent arms I'm not keen on *sigh* I'm in two minds about what to do with them now ~ I really do like their faces but not the arms! They are lovely dolls, though, and surprisingly solid and heavy. Oh decisions, decisions!

Hasn't Edwina got the most fantastic hair colour??? Her dress is really lovely, too; it's in wonderful condition and is beautifully made. (From Linda).

Louise has fabulous orange hair, just like Edwina ~ although Louise has a nicer style, it has to be said :-) She also has the most gorgeous facial colouring ~ she is a very pretty girl! (From Linda).
This little lady is Andrea. She has much the same hairstyle as Louise but has a paler face colour. (From Linda).

Juliet is very sweet and has gorgeous long hair. I think she looks a little like Sinitta!

Another clone ~ this is Pippa. (From Linda).

Fifi is a porcelain doll. I thought she was rather unusual :-)

A Sindy, just to make a change from all the clones LOL This is Lucinda.

A Sindy clone ~ Norma. She has quite a high colour ~ I do hope she doesn't turn out to be a drinker :-0 I've noticed this style of dress cropping up time and time again, especially on the clone dolls. (From Linda).

This is Carla. I'm not quite sure whether she is a Sindy clone or not as she seems to have a slightly different look about her somehow. (From Linda).

Hazel also looks a little different, I think. Her face is slightly more heart-shaped than my other clones. She is very sweet, though. (From Linda).

I need to gird my loins and get to grips with some dolly dressmaking as I have way too many naked, shivery little fashion dolls! I saw this pattern pack and thought that the clothes looked relatively simple.

I may trim the dresses with PAPER ROSES ~ what do you think hehehehe

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