Friday, 20 August 2010

New outfits

A seller on Ebay had some nice outfits she was selling and I bought a couple of them for the fashion girls. The beautiful Ursula agreed to model them for me ;-)

This dress and hat are meant for a smaller doll, methinks, as it is a teensy wee bit snug across Ursula's shoulders ~ and it has to be said that Ursula really has waaaay too much hair to wear hats! It should fit one of my smaller girls very nicely, though :-)

This dress is so pretty and I think it really does suit Ursula. It came with the matching handbag, along with the pearl necklace and bracelet.

I have bought a few dress-making patterns for fashion dolls recently, as well as finding some free patterns on the internet, so I'm hoping to start teaching myself how to make them before too much longer :-)

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