Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Yoborobo goodies

Every so often I mosey on over to Yoborobo's Etsy store and tempt myself with all the goodies she has for sale LOL Sweet Frida is my latest acquisition ~ and she is even more fabulous in person than she looked in her photos.....if that's possible!

You may have noticed that Herman is still in his packaging. Well, that's because I bought him as a gift for a friend and I daren't take him out of his wrappings ~ if I do, then I think I will be way too tempted to keep him!

Adelaide is just so sweet ~ and I am very lucky because my lovely friend Pam (aka Yoborobo) sent her as an early Christmas gift for me! Every time I look at that cute little face, I just find myself smiling :-)

'Violet' is another gift from Pam ~ gosh, I am so lucky! I LOVE Pam's artwork and was so thrilled when I saw this in my parcel! When I opened this parcel, it just made my day :-)

Here's my Yoborobo Corner, on the bookcase in the living room. They all look very much at home, don't you think :-)

A closer view :-)
I now need to find another, bigger, corner for my Yoborobo goodies ~ 'cos you can bet your bottom dollar I shall be buying more of Pam's sweet little creations in the future!


The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hi Sharon,
What a great collection of cuties you lucky girl!!!!!

Sharon said...

I just love Pam's creations, they are so sweet :-) I'm being very good with Herman ~ he's in my gift stash, out of temptation LOL