Friday, 17 September 2010

Beautiful blue & white...

I've been working on tidying/sorting the dining room ~ there is still more to be done, but it's definitely getting there :-) I waxed my sideboard a couple of weeks back and have now got the china cabinet done, too. This is the top shelf.

The other side of the top shelf.

Middle shelf. I really must get some more candles for those little holders!

Middle shelf.

Bottom shelf.

Bottom shelf. It's not just blue and white china on display here, as you can see :-)

Jolly Molly thought it would be nice to have a change of outfit ;-) Bertie wanted to be in the photograph, too.
The woollen collar is very sweet, from the 1940s I should think. I could never have worn it, though, as it is far too itchy. Luckily, that sort of thing doesn't seem to bother Jolly Molly!


Serenata said...

Oh I'm loving your blue and white china! Looks like you have a great collection. :-)

Sharon said...

Thank you so much Serenata :-)

I "lost" your blog and then came across it again at the weekend ~ this time I've put it in my blog list LOL