Saturday, 18 September 2010

Finley the Fish

I followed a pattern to knit Finley and I am really delighted that he came out rather well ~ even if I do say so myself! The pattern was in the August 2010 issue of Let's Knit magazine, although I didn't use the yarn suggested. I decided that he would be a great way to use up odds and sods of yarn!

This is my favourite side LOL I couldn't find any black yarn for his eyes ~ although I'm pretty sure I've got some lurking somewhere! ~ so I decided he could have pretty blue ones instead. I'm told that Niamh loves to cuddle him, which I'm very pleased about as I wondered if she might find him a bit scary! I really enjoyed knitting Finley and since I have lots of oddments of yarn, I think I shall make some more :-)

A gratuitous chicken photo of my gorgeous Prudence, who came for her usual chat whilst I was sitting at the computer :-)


Dollyknickers by CWDesigns225 said...

I love your Finley the fish!! His blue eyes are divine and in my opinion, much more handsome then boring black. Very nice job Sharon.
Hugs! Christine

Serenata said...

Finley is great! What a fantastic fish, and so gorgeous to look at and cuddle I would imagine.