Tuesday, 28 September 2010

For my collection!

Sweet little Primrose is another hard plastic doll. I don't know who made her; it only says Made in England on her back. She could do with a bit of a clean and her hair most definitely needs some attention. Her "bodysuit" is rather unusual! I don't think it has been painted on by a previous owner ~ none of my other little hard plastic dolls have this, though.

I had made up my mind not to buy any more larger dolls but there was just something about Amelie that caught my eye. She looked rather sad in her Ebay photo so I put in a bid for the asking price and, well, here she is! Obviously no one else wanted to give her a new home, poor little mite

The only information stamped on Amelie is Made in England, so I have no idea who made her or when but she doesn't seem to be particularly new or old, for that matter. From the 1970s perhaps? She has a few play marks but nothing terrible. Her hair is very matted, though. As she has such a lovely dark "skin", I wonder why she wasn't made with brown eyes? Her amber-coloured eyes really "pop" in her pretty face and I wonder if this put other buyers off her! I rather suspect that someone may well have painted her lips.

Well, I'm very happy that no one else wanted to give her a new home since it meant that pretty Amelie has become a very welcome new addition to my dolly family :-)

Rachel is also very pretty. I don't tend to go for these modern Barbies so much but she caught my eye :-) When I was taking her photograph, I had the feeling that I already had a girl like her but on reflection I must have been thinking about Lorraine ~ although now I've had a look, I can see that they are not the same!

Loretta has the most wonderful platinum blonde hair! She is another Sindy clone from Linda. Her dress is lovely, too, and she came with shoes which is always nice :-)

Lois is in nice condition although her hair is a bit strange! I don't think the dress she is wearing is meant for a Sindy, as it doesn't fit very well at all.

I'm not sure if it's my imagination but Lois seems to have a wee bit of a smirk on that pretty little face of her's! One of my Flickr contacts suggested it might be because she is wearing a Tressy dress LOL

Another Sindy :-) Arabella is rather lovely and is also in nice condition. Her dress doesn't have a label and to be honest, I'm not sure whether or not it is homemade. It does suit her, though.

Phoebe is another rather lovely Sindy, although her hips are a teensy wee bit swivelly! She is in good condition and her hair is gorgeous :-)

My love affair with Tammy shows no signs of abating any time soon, hence the arrival of Virginia from the States a couple of weeks back ;-) She is in lovely condition and I'm thrilled with her.
Isn't it amazing that I kept looking for ages and didn't see any Tammys which were in my price range ~ shipping-wise, at least ~ and then suddenly, I've come across three one after the other!

This skirt came with Virginia, too; it has an Ideal label.
These six little ladies all came together and I was the only bidder, which rather surprised me!

We have Pearl in the deep rose pink outfit, Marla in the yellow dress, Gwenda in the Welsh-looking outfit, Elvira in the silky white dress, Morag in the tartan dress and Prunella in the plum outfit :-)
A veritable plethora of peg-dolls!

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