Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Latest arrivals

These three girls came from a seller in Holland: Honor, Martine and Patience :-)

Barbara is another clone from Linda. Although she was listed as a Uneeda doll, one of my Flickr friends tells me that she is actually either PMA Debbie or Elite Creations Bonny or Wendy. He thinks she is most likely a Bonny :-)

I really, truly, honestly wasn't going to get any more of these fashion dolls ~ I had decided to just stick with clones and the odd Sindy or Barbie but, well, Samantha was just so sweet..... She is a Simba Steffi Love doll.

I really liked the photo of Bryan ~ and I'm not disappointed now that he's arrived :-) He has such a handsome face, with lovely blue eyes, and I like his body and hands, too.

I think it was just love at first sight for Samantha and Bryan. Doesn't look like any of the other girls will even have a chance with Bryan, since he is quite clearly besotted with the lovely Samantha!

omg, I was just SO excited when I won this Tammy doll as I've wanted one for absolutely ages! I'm delighted with Georgina ~ who I have sort of named after one of my Flickr friends :-) She is so pretty ~ see how beautiful her facial colouring is! These dolls have always looked lovely in the photos I've seen but now that I have one "in the flesh" as it were, I can safely say that Tammy dolls are even prettier than I had imagined :-)

I have to say that Tammy and Sindy are now my joint favourite fashion-type dolls :-D

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