Thursday, 30 September 2010

A rainy September day...

...didn't deter this little goldfinch from visiting the bird-feeder in our front garden! I love the way the raindrops are hanging from its tail :-)

I would love to be able to gently stroke those soft feathers.

I confess that I am somewhat scared of spiders but it's that time of year once more when the garden seems full of 'em! So I decided to gird my loins and take some photos. I couldn't get too close though LOL

I was busy cropping this photo to get a better view of the spider with it's dinner (!) and suddenly became aware that I was pushing myself as far away from the computer screen as I could *hehehehe*

The perfect antidote to scary spiders: my precious poochie reclining in a lovely ladylike pose. It's a shame all those biscuit crumbs give away what a messy eater she is ~ and what a bad housekeeper I am ;-)

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