Friday, 15 October 2010

Almost at the end now!

These are all prior to 10th October purchases ~ I'm just waiting for three more dolls to arrive from the USA :-)

I've heard 'Dusty' described as 'homely' but I really like her! Don't you think that Nadia and Moira just look as if they are really nice.....'people' ;-D They could both do with a session in the dolly spa and as you can see, Nadia's outfit is really rather disgusting ~ yuk!

I had to smile when I read the seller's description of Moira; she obviously didn't know that she is a 'Dusty' and described her an 'an unusual doll' LOL She went on to say that her legs appeared to be glued to her body ~ obviously the seller hadn't come across the melting issues that 'Dusty' tends to suffer from!

These clothes came with Nadia. Surprisingly, they are lovely and clean ~ unlike the outfit she arrived in!

Eileen is another addition to my little group of Camay dolls. She is in lovely condition and has a very sweet face ~ judging by her outfit, I think she wishes she was a Tammy ;-)

I think that Doris is the only one of my Sindy collection with jointed hands. Apparently, she has a ballerina body. I hope that I will be able to tame her hair as it is such a pretty auburn shade :-)

Ida is such a cute little doll ~ she is only about 4" tall! She is going to live with the other small hard plastic dollies ~ I'm sure they will look after her :-)

Gosh, how lucky am I to have found Cordelia! She is a sister to Griselda and Phyllis :-)

She has the same hair colour as Griselda and to be honest Cordelia's condition is very much like her's, too; she will most definitely need some TLC!

Did I ever tell you how much I love brooches ;-)
I'm really pleased with both of these and they look quite wonderful in this close-up photo. The tiny Limoge-style porcelain brooch is small enough to go in Charles and Nancy's (dolls') house ~ once they have got it refurbished and decorated, of course :-D

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