Thursday, 14 October 2010

In the garden this week

I thought I would try out the new hen house for wasn't a good fit ;-D

Look at that lovely sunshine, though! Sunday and Monday were days of real 'Indian summer' weather. It's been going steadily downhill ever since though; I think we will be lighting the wood-burner for the first time this season any evening now.

This is the extent of our 'palatial' grounds ;-) Not only is the garden quite small, it's a rather strange shape, too!

There, 'Steptoe's Yard' is quite nicely coralled in more or less one place now :-)

Oh dear, it's a good job that the gnomes have moved on from their hamlet! It's become something of a temporary dumping ground. These are trimmings from the butterfly bush.

This bamboo is planted in a large tub ~ well, it's an old plastic dustbin to be more precise! I thought the poor thing had died but look, it's got new shoots coming through :-) Eventually, I will take it out of it's plastic prison and plant it in a border.

The honeysuckle on the hen house is still going strong. It has lots of flowers and buds. I wonder how long they will last ~ I'm sure we will be getting some frost at night soon.

Some beautiful autumn colours on this blackcurrant bush.

The big log-store is full so we are ready for the cold weather :-)

The last geranium flower, sprinkled with sawdust!

A glimpse of the garden angel. Before too much longer, she will be totally visible beside the naked shrubs.

Amber just has to examine everything new that comes into the house or garden. She isn't supposed to climb onto the garden, though!

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