Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Longing for a cool, crisp autumn

I thought it best to write a post about nothing in particular this morning, dear readers (which of course means that I'm rambling even more than usual), just to get that sad and scary photograph of your's truly off the top of the page! What was I thinking to post such a thing ~ I'm so sorry if it gave you palpitations when you came across it. Sit yourselves down with a nice hot, restorative cup of tea ~ and don't forget a biscuit or two, just for good measure ;-)

Thankfully I'm British.....which means I always have our favourite topic/obsession to fall back on: The Weather. It's been situation normal here in dear 'ole Blighty: cold, wet, windy, grey and miserable *sigh* Today, though, it is warm-ish, wet, windy, grey and miserable *double sigh* I can see tantalising glimpses of bright blue sky, but alas those grey clouds are rushing across the heavens doing their very best to keep cheerfulness at bay.

The photo of The Shed roof, by the way, was taken a few nights back when we had our first proper frost of the season. It looked so pretty, like it had been sprinkled with icing sugar and glitter :-)

Ha, here's another standby topic: illness! Mr Lurgy is persisting in outstaying his welcome.....not that he was a visitor I was pleased to see in the first place, mind you. Despite feeling so grotty on Monday I didn't have to blow my nose once, so I rather thought he had grown bored of me and had moved on to fresh pastures. The sneaky so-and-so was just being well, sneaky, because the sneezing and nose-blowing returned at full force yesterday *sob, sob* I overslept again, too, and felt hot and miserable all day long :-( Today, though, I feel considerably brighter even if I am still sneezy and sniffly. I woke up about 6am and although I didn't sleep well last night (I'm going through one of my waking-during-the-night-because-I'm-hot phases), I thought it best to get myself up and moving ~ not least because I've got the supermarket shopping coming this morning and my parents, too, later in the day! I'm sure that neither they nor the delivery driver really want to see me in all my disheveled glory, still in my dressing-gown and looking like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards ;-) I rather think Mr Lurgy is sharing his affections with poor Adrian now as he is feeling very tired and none too well. Sam is home this weekend so I just hope Mr L doesn't jump ship once again and travel up to Leicester when he goes back to Uni on Monday!

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