Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Looking for this.....and finding that!

This, dear readers, is what I wasn't looking for but now that I've come across it again, I rather think I may give it a whirl ;-)

I actually have two of these chair-backs, which came my way when my Auntie Mavis passed away a few years back. Auntie had started working on one of them and to be honest, I'm not too sure what to do with it since I don't have the threads she was using. Another slight issue is that I haven't actually tried my hand at embroidery yet! Ah well, I'm sure I will think of something eventually ;-)

So, I was thinking that I might work this one using a just simple back-stitch, sort of like blackwork but using an assortment of colours. If it turns out okay, I will probably turn it into a cushion which would be more useful to me than a chair-back :-)

But this little masterpiece is what I was searching for in the deep, dark depths of The Shed!
Dear readers, I'm not at all sure that I actually ever showed you this tapestry ~ which was a UFO of decidedly long-standing! As you can see, though, I finally got myself in gear and finished if off. Rather than saunter down the normal picture road, I've decided to mount it in this wooden crate instead. I freely admit, though, that it's most definitely more luck than skilful judgment that it fits into said crate rather nicely ;-)
I'm going to add little bits of this and tiny pieces of that to the little beauty to dress it up, making it a more three-dimensional piece of 'artwork'. I will try to remember to take photos as I go along but I can't promise that you won't just end up seeing the final result.....if you recall, dear readers, this blog and its ramblings are the work of a memory-shot-to-pieces, menopausal woman!

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