Saturday, 30 October 2010


In a previous post, I casually mentioned my teensy weensy little obsession with making ~ and re-making ~ plans and lists. I sit there writing out my itinery for each and every day, which takes absolutely ages and trust me, dear readers, a sticky memo sheet like the one above is waaaay to small for all the tasks I try to allot myself!

Even this to-do list wouldn't big enough for my needs! I write everything out on A4 sized ruled sheets and because I make and remake so many of the flippin lists, I buy the economy pads from Tesco! The reason why I need such big pieces of paper is because I have long since become dissatisfied with planning my tasks for the coming week (deciding what I would do the next day went out the window years back!). Oh no, dear readers, I have got to the stage where I make plans for weeks ~ note the plural there ~ yet to come. It's utter madness, I tell you!

It wouldn't be quite so bad if I didn't try to cram so many tasks into my day. I start out with all good intentions to be very sensible about just what I can get done, but in the blink of an eye there is a list nigh-on a mile long! I'm defeated before I even start. So, of course, my list never comes to an end; the jobs I couldn't manage today get added to those on tomorrow's agenda and before I know where I am, it all comes to a grinding halt.

So then I feel compelled to write out another list since I've failed miserably with working through the first one *arrgghh* It has to stop and in fact, as from yesterday, it has indeed stopped ~ I ripped up all those ridiculous sheets of paper and used them to start the wood-burner last night ;-) It's not rocket science; I know what needs to be done to keep the house clean and tidy each week and since I don't work outside the home, I have all week to spread those housewifey jobs over. I can do my housework in the morning and have the afternoon free to do whatever I want :-)

Admittedly, dear readers, I do have quite a.....list ;-).... of jobs that have been piling up since my back went but let's face it, we've survived perfectly well with them not having been done for all this time! I'm pretty sure it won't make one jot of difference if it takes me a little while yet to get them caught up with :-)

And one of those delicious 'coincidences' occurred today whilst I was browsing the internet, which really made me smile. I was looking for to-do list pictures for this post when I came across the image above, which stopped me in my tracks whilst I read the post which accompanied it. It all made such sense to me ~ and rather hit home, too. I've no idea what the blog is all about, to be honest, other than its sub-title is 'Practical Tips for Productive Living' and this particular post has certainly proved to be a very practical tip for me!

So I'm going to make myself a stack of pretty little memo sheets and each evening before I go to bed, I shall decide which of those outstanding jobs I will tackle the following day :-)

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