Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I was 'tagged' by a Flickr friend some time back and in my I wisdom decided to follow up on it yesterday ~ goodness knows why when I was feeling so grotty and looked even worse! The 'rules' were that you take a photo of yourself and then reveal 25 random things. I was pretty sure I was supposed to then tag other folk as well but couldn't remember how! Anyhoo, dear readers, if you read this and feel like joining in, jump right in ~ you could leave a comment at the end of this post so that we can all go have a looksie at you and your randomness :-D

1. I haven't brushed my hair today ~ like you won't have guessed that already from looking at this photo ;-)

2. I don't feel well at the mo *sob, sob* (Okay, I admit I'm just looking for a bit of tea and sympathy here!)

3. I've taken up Dottie Angel's Challenge of the Utmost Kind, i.e. to live a more frugal and thrifty lifestyle for a WHOLE YEAR!!!

4. I live in the UK (oh yes, I'm scraping the barrel already for things to tell you ~ my brain has gone to mush today LOL)

5. I am 49 years and 4 months old :-D

6. I look in the mirror and see a decidedly middle-aged woman looking back and wonder where the hell she came from!

7. In my head I still feel like I'm 18.....most days LOL

8. I live in a 1950s three-bedroomed semi but wish it was a cottage in the country with roses around the door

9. On the other hand, if I did live in the country either I would have to start driving again *eeeeek* or Adrian would have to learn.....somehow I don't think we will be moving to the country ;-)

10. I find it hard to believe that my gruesome twosome will be 20 years old next January

11. I find it just as hard to believe that I will be 50 years old next June!!!

12. In a moment of weakness/desperation, I went and did something I swore I would never do again!!!

13. I MAY reveal what I've done hehehehe

14. But not today :-D

15. I don't like hot, humid weather

16. I bruise very easily and have a sensitive skin

17. My kids think that if their Dad 'goes' before me, I will become a mad chicken/cat/dog woman :-P

18. Adrian agrees with number 17!

19. They all think I'm a mad doll woman already ROFL

20. I should eat waaaay more fruit and veggies than I do ~ 'cos I do actually LIKE most fruit and veggies!

21. In my heart, I'd like to be following a vegan diet and lifestyle but my brain is too lazy *blush*

22. I wish I was slim and gorgeous!

23. My head is full of ideas for all sorts of things :-D

24. I wish you could still buy Nutty bars ~ they were my most favourite sweets (candies??) ever!

25. I talk to myself all the time.....but pretend I'm talking to the dog ;-P
So there you have it, dear readers ~ 25 very random things about me and a terrible photo to go with it!


Susan said...

Ok I actually enjoyed this post! You are such a real and normal gal! You sense of humor just shines through in this blog and that's problaby because I talk to myself too but I call it "thinking-out-loud". LOL. I'll do a follow up to this on my blog just because it's awsome!.

Sharon said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this post, sweetie ~ I shall be visiting your blog to read all about your randomness ;-D