Saturday, 16 October 2010


You will have realised by now, dear readers, that I have a highly developed 'collecting' sort of personality ~ I am sure that you have had no trouble whatsoever in coming to this conclusion after being subjected to photo after photo of the latest addition to my dolly family ;-) (Would you believe, by the way, that this mania has actually driven my Dad away from visiting my blog.....which is good in a way, isn't it, as it means we can now safely gossip about him without him having the least idea *hehehehe*)

But I have a confession to make.....Dear readers, I am rather keen on books! In fact, my love for books surpasses even my dolly 'habit'. I love them and can barely resist adding yet another to my already overflowing collection. My love affair with Amazon just slightly has the edge over my infatuation with Ebay! I can find myself lost for what seems like hours wandering the virtual bookshelves of The Temple of Amazon ~ adding a title to my wish list here, dropping another little gem into my on-screen basket there. Right now, I only have a paltry 66 items on my Wish List ~ I recently girded my loins and trimmed said list down from well over 100!

Oh yes, it's true that I have had a few disappointments along the way. Sometimes a book has seemed so alluring in all its technicolour glory there on the screen, the blurb oh so convincing.....but after my lovely postman has passed it into my trembling-with-anticipation hands and I have ripped open the packaging ~ well, on occasion it just hasn't lived up to my expectations. Thankfully, disappointing incidents such as these have been few and far between and so my affection for Amazon has continued unabated. Books, it would seem, are one of those areas in my life where I have that wonderful capacity for unconditional love ~ I am more than willing to forgive and forget, renew the relationship and try again!

I have a handful of spiritual and gardening books as well as smallish fiction and dolls' houses/miniatures collections, but my biggest passion by far is for craft and cookery books. They are just so damn hard to resist! Which is why, it has to be said, they are getting harder to find homes for in my little house and The Shed! I have books on shelves.....books in boxes.....piles of books. My life overflows with books! The suggestion has even been made that I have enough books to open up my own tiny lending library! But I really wouldn't have it any other way; after all, you are never alone if you have a good book to read :-)

Aha ~ libraries! Why, I hear you ask, don't you simply borrow books from your local library Sharon?? Well, of course I could do that. I do indeed have a library card and so it would certainly be easy enough for me to trundle along, browse the shelves and select a nice little pile of enticing books to read. Oh yes, I could indeed do that. But I would have to give those yummy books back; they would not be sitting on my bookshelves/box/pile waiting for me to reach for whenever the mood took me. Which, of course, explains why my home and The Shed are filled to groaning point with those magical worlds that I can hold in my hands, and where I can lose myself for hours on end ;-)

By now, dear readers, I am pretty sure you are waiting for a confession that I have slipped off The Challenge path already! Go on, admit it, you fully believe that I have caved in after less than a week and Bought A Book!! But you would be wrong, my dears. I Avoided Temptation! Oh yes, I confess that I did indeed think about buying yet another craft book. I even hopped over to the bright lights of Amazon and hunted out the book that had so tempted me on a blog I visited. My finger actually hovered over the 'add to basket' button. But then I gave myself a little shake and pulled myself together. I do not need yet another craft book! Lordy, I have enough in my collection to keep me going in projects for years and years ~ maybe even a lifetime! So I pressed the 'add to wish list' button instead LOL

So there you have it. I actually managed to side-step the almost overwhelming temptation to buy something I do not need. Books are a definite 'want', even more so than those poor little dolls in need of TLC that I am always drawn towards! I'm beginning to wonder how many more of these temptations-to-buy I shall encounter over the coming 12 months; let's hope I manage to stay strong each time!

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Amanda said...

Well done, Sharon! You're a better woman than I/me? (never know which it is....)I'm proud of you! Lots of love, Amanda xxx