Monday, 25 October 2010

Thank goodness for tissues!

Urgh ~ I feel terrible *sigh* I started to feel decidedly under the weather last Thursday, which dragged on until finally my nose started streaming like a flippin waterfall yesterday and I felt even worse! I woke up this morning as Adrian was getting dressed for work and, of course, once I'm awake I have to go to the loo so I dragged myself out of my cosy warm bed and tottered to the bathroom. I did contemplate staying up but the lure of my bed was too much so I climbed back in again. I drifted off to sleep, woke up when Adrian left the house for work, thought about getting up ~ then found myself waking to the sound of our neighbour scraping last night's frost off his van windscreen. Even then I still managed to drift off to sleep once more, which is quite amazing considering I did nothing even remotely energetic yesterday ~ I spent most of the day sitting in my chair, huddled under my 'ugly lap-blanket' feeling cold, miserable and sorry for myself ;-)

However, this time I managed to haul my sorry self out of bed ~ at ten minutes to nine!! ~ not least because the poor pooch and chickens needed to be let out! My stomach felt hungry but my head couldn't be bothered to think about what to I followed the good example of Paddington Bear and had a marmalade sandwich :-D Lordy, I really must be under the weather; usually the combination of marmalade and wholemeal bread is one of my favourite things but today I only finished the sandwich to shut my rumbling tummy up!

Even colds aren't like they used to be in years gone by. Back in the day, you'd be snotty, sneezy and feel like poo for a couple of days, then the cold would clear up and life would be back to normal. I don't know it if it's just me, but nowadays I start to feel unwell ~ achey, tired, headache ~ which goes on for quite a few days with no sign of an actual cold, i.e. the tissue-necessitating side of things. Sometimes, I don't even get to the snotty stage at all ~ I just have the aches and pains with nothing to show for it! How weird is that?

Now that I've made you all feel thoroughly depressed I'll toddle off and drag my aching limbs up Mount Everest ~ well, the stairs certainly feel like that at the moment! We only have one loo and it's upstairs *sigh* Why do colds make your bladder work overtime ~ isn't it enough to have a streaming nose.....


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon. If it's any consolation my nose is starting to get that fizzy feeling that a cold is on it's way so I fear it is my turn too!! xx

Beverly said...

Poor mummy :( Sending lots of get well soon vibes from Orkney! XXX

Sharon said...

Oh thank you both so much for your get well soon wishes (((hugs)))

Ruth Marie, I hope that feeling in your nose fizzes out before it has a chance to develop into a cold!