Saturday, 9 October 2010

You won't be seeing many more of these for a while!

After these, I just have a few more bits 'n' pieces I've recently added to my collections to show you; as from tomorrow, of course, I will be resisting that urge to buy, buy, buy ;-)

Cassandra makes Tammy-number-four to join the dolly family :-) She is in good condition, although she has lost just the very tip of one finger. Her hair is a lovely shade of blonde. I really love her home-made dress, too. Someone obviously took a lot of trouble over it ~ it is fully lined and the little buttons are just so cute!

Cassandra has two stains on her head, which I think may have been caused by an elastic band ~ her hair seems rather flattened out in this area.

It's a shame that the stains still show even with Cassandra's hair combed over them. I guess it's because she has such fair hair. I may see if I can make the stains lighter with something like Oxy 10 when she has a session in the dolly spa :-)

Adeline is another cute little clone who has joined the dolly family :-) She has been sewn into her dress and panties! I will, at some point, unpick a suitable seam and make them removeable ~ not least because Adeline's dress needs a couple of repairs.

I've been meaning to take photos of the pieces of vintage jewellery I've found recently but kept forgetting! Still, better late than never I suppose ;-) I really love this necklace with its jet black and lemon yellow glass beads.

Pink earrings! What more is there to say ;-)

More brooches to add to my collection LOL I am considering removing the cameo from the bar ~ which I'm not so keen on, to be honest ~ and perhaps using it as a decoration in Charles and Nancy's (dolls') house :-)

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