Saturday, 6 November 2010

500th Post ~ and a Giveaway to celebrate!

My goodness, dear readers, your's truly has hit the dizzying hits of 500 posts would you believe! (Mind you, with the way I ramble on you probably do believe it LOL) Still, I have to confess that it did take me just a little by surprise to find that I had blathered on quite so much.

The only reason I checked was because it dawned on me t'other day that I could 'treat' the first-out-of-the-hat (name of course ,you silly billies, not actual person ;-) ) to a little pressie to celebrate my.....wait for it.....250th post. The clogs in my brain turned this way and that for a few minutes before the next thought landed that I may well have passed post number 250 already. I duly mulled this over until my razor-sharp intelligence decided that I needn't wait until my 500th post (although these post celebrations always seem better in multiples of 250 for some reason, don't you think??) ~ pah, I would just celebrate my 350th post instead! So off I trundled to my trusty computer and logged into my blog.....only to discover that I wasn't a million miles away from 500 posts after all! I was shocked, I can tell you!

But, dear readers, I simply must tell you that this giveaway isn't only because I have reached my 500th post. It is also a way for me to say a heartfelt "thank you" to all who drop by to read my little ramblings; I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate that you take time to visit me here at Lavender and Pearls. So, my dears, in order that I may both say "thank you" and mark the grand occasion of my 500th Lavender and Pearls post, it would make me a very happy bunny indeed to send the little celebratory gift shown at the top of this post to the person whose name is first out of the hat :-)

The winner will receive a sweet little hanging roosting pouch, which Mama and Papa Bird have decorated with cream flowers around the entrance; inside they have made a soft and cosy nest ready for when their babies hatch from the three pretty eggs which Mama has recently laid :-) I took a photo of the inside of Mama and Papa's little home but it wasn't very easy ~ and I didn't want to disturb them too much ;-) Still, if you look closely you may just be able to see the three sweet little eggs nestled amongst the feathers:

Along with Mama and Papa Bird's sweet home, the winner will also receive a little something from my own collection ~ namely, a vintage beaded jug cover and a set of four vintage crocheted coasters :-)

If you would like to take part in the giveaway ~ and I really hope you will! ~ then all you have to do is leave a comment to this post. The closing date will be midnight (GMT) next Saturday the 13th November 2010 and I will draw out a name with all due pomp and ceremony the next day ;-) And just in case you were wondering, the draw is open to you wherever you live :-) Oooooh, unless you are an alien of course ~ because I don't think that Royal Mail deliver to outer space yet *hehehehe*

So, dear readers, get those fingers a tap, tap, tapping in the comment box.....good luck, my lovelies!


Anonymous said...

What a nice idea!! I love give-a-ways, especially if I win!!! Hahahaha Really, it would be a treasured gift to receive anything from your hands. Love your posting, love your blog. Hugs! Christine

Anonymous said...

I would love to join in this, I have only just started reading as I found you via Flickr (Last Exit for the Lost on there) I like to either comment here or there.


Sharon said...

Thank you both for entering (((hugs)))

Sharon said...

This comment is on behalf of ARLIES GIRL ~ she has gotten confusticated on how to leave a comment here so I said I would do it for her!

Sandi said...

Here I am sweetie with my two penn'orth. Congrats on your 500th post and what a lovely gesture to host a giveaway of such prettiness.
Hope you are well.
Sandi x

lilla said...

Hi Sharon! I just finished to read your delicious post so I knew that I can join your giveaway. So, here I am! Ciao. lilla

PJ said...

H! I'm Patsy, I just discovered you recently via Flickr. You have some lovely crocheted items there- and I love your Blog, too!

yoborobo said...

Hi Sharon! Just stopping by to say howdy, and to tell you congrats on reaching that blogging milestone. Good for you! xoxo!! Pam