Monday, 8 November 2010

Another confession.....

.....I gave in to temptation again, dear readers!

I solemnly promise that I wasn't looking for another dolly ~ I was actually on the hunt for wooden beads to use as doll heads (for some projects in the pipeline) but I had one of those terribly annoying mind-going-blank moments ~ so I ended up typing in 'doll heads'. I found the beads I wanted.....and there was sweet little Dorelia in the very same search results too. You know how hard it is for me to resist a dolly in obvious need of some TLC and, well, the rest is history ;-)

Dorelia is an adorable little doll, about 10" tall and in absolutely dire need of a session in the dolly spa! She is made of fabric, as you can see, and has been very firmly stuffed indeed ~ so much so, that the seam on her poor little chest has given way at some point. Her head has been given a coat of something which makes it look and feel rather like ~ well, papier mache actually. I can see the stitching seams on either side though, so it is obviously fabric too :-) She has a mohair wig which is parting company from her head, so that will need attending to during the spa session. I may gently peel it off altogether and re-attach it. I really don't think that it will be very easy to do much by way of cleaning little Dorelia, to be honest, so I will just have to do the best I can for her. She has obviously been neglected for quite some time, poor little mite.

I am trying hard not to be tempted, dear readers, really I am, but it's just so very hard to ignore sweet little gems like Miss Dorelia when they catch my eye! I have such a soft spot for the poor little unloved, unwanted, discarded and neglected dolls. Even though I currently have quite a waiting list of little ladies waiting for an appointment in the dolly spa, I just know that they are happy now that they have become part of a much-loved dolly family and are content to wait for however long it takes for their turn to come around ;-)

Miss Dorelia and I are spending time getting to know one another; she seems to be settling down to the role of dolly companion (or DC, as the position is known round here!) very comfortably. As you may remember, Ethel~Maud was my DC for quite some time but since she and Gervaise the Gnome became friends ~ well, lately I just haven't seen very much of her at all. I'm very happy, of course, that they are best friends but it has felt a little lonely at times without my faithful DC by my side. Why yes, dear readers, you are quite correct that there certainly are a lot of members of my dolly family but the position of DC is rather special and not one that just any dolly can fill ;-)

I'm sure that you will be seeing much more of Miss Dorelia in the future, now that she has so kindly and graciously accepted my invitation to fulfil the role of Dolly Companion.....

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